This blog follows my life in cooking and traveling. My family and I have this amazing opportunity to live in London, England for the next couple of years; since we have moved my life has flourished into health. I discovered a food sensitivity to both dairy and gluten products, ending my ever-so-passionate love-affair with butter. My culinary life shifted, totally shifted. I grieved the loss of butter, however the energy and clarity I gained in omitting dairy and gluten transformed my body, my life, and my spirituality. Here I chronicle my adventure of all things cooking and baking gluten and dairy-free and sharing with you our travel adventures.

To take you down memory lane, my husband, Gabe and I grew up in Minnesota and met at the University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities. In 2005 we moved to Santa Fe, NM where I attended Southwestern College and studied Transpersonal Psychology, earning a Masters Degree in Counseling. After graduation we moved to Brasil, where my husband’s father lives, for 6 months; I studied Portuguese and learned fundamentals in Brasilian cooking. This experience jump-started my passion for cooking.

After Brasil, California was our home for the following three years. There I learned valuable nutrition information from my midwife about the philosophy of Weston A. Price through Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon. During my pregnancy and for the first two years after Lua’s birth, I cooked according to this philosophy which values wholesome, natural foods like homemade stock, yogurt, and fermented foods and eliminating, as much as possible, processed foods. Once Lua started to eat solids at around 6 months, my friend and I started a blog, The First Bites, with information about feeding your baby naturally during their first years of life using the information from Weston A. Price.

And now here we are in London, England – 2012 being a wonderful year to move here! We experienced the Queen’s Jubilee, the 2012 Olympic Games, and all things British. Follow us through this exciting experience of living and traveling abroad!