A couple of days before the Games started, we watched the Olympic torch go through our neighborhood with a group of American friends.

On the night of the start of the Olympic Games, Lua and I went to Stratford to check out the area. It was buzzing with very excited energy. They had made lovely posters that lined bridges and walk-ways with the faces of people all over Great Britain who had taken part in the passing of the torch. We saw a variety of Olympians in their countrys’ jerseys walking around with their faces filled with awe and amazement of the scene. There was a wonderful shopping center that reminded me of the Stanford Shopping Center with a very large family play room. Lua still remembers this room and often requests to return! And one of the greatest find, that my friend Mariah had told me about was Wahaca – a wonderful, authentic Mexican restaurants that serve corn tortillas! They also have very good and fresh tasting salsa.

Gabe and I were able to get Olympic tickets a couple of weeks before the games commenced. We went to Wembley Field to watch a women’s soccer match between Great Britain and Brasil. It was as amazing and thrilling as you could imagine. There were 70,000 people in attendance, with a very sizable Brasilian crowd. Team GB ended up winning the game 1-0 after scoring in the first minute of the match.

We also enjoyed play dates with friends, walks in the park, and birthday parties. One of our best discoveries was Hampstead Heath in North London. We still have so much of it yet to explore, but  we can’t seem to get past the playground! We first went with our friends Mariah and Ella on one of the hottest days of the year. We were thrilled to discover that the playground also had a wadding pool for the children. Beside the play area is a hill, where on top you can see the major landmarks of the city. We also found our favorite fruit and veg stand just outside of the Hampstead Heath train station, which sold peaches that were California worthy. The girls munched on a handful of smashed peaches and miniature bananas.