We had the privilege of hosting many visitors from back home in the States. First Gabe’s sister, Emily, arrived as the start of her European post-college graduation adventure. We rode on the London Eye, visited museums, shopped at Broadway Market and caught a glimpse of the Changing of the Guards. She also attended an Olympic beach volleyball game with Gabe.

Then our friend Tami from California visited for a week. Some highlights with Tami’s visit was riding the London Eye at night and going to Abbey Road in St. John’s Wood in north London. It was a neighborhood that we have never been to, it was beautiful, very charming and quiet.

In between guests we went to Lua’s first live play, “The Tiger Who Came to Tea.” It is a famous and beloved story here in England about a tiger who visits a little girl, Sophie and her mother one afternoon. It was a small cast of 3 who spoke slowly for the children to be able to hear and understand and also added music and interactive features which effectively engaged the children and kept them interested for the entire play.